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Candy Machine


"Know a teacher-
someone with a new Job-
or just an old sweet tooth"
at almost a foot tall and half a foot wide
this one will
hold enough sweets to satisfy
for only-

is a special sweet treat.
How better to improve it than with a little fun.
Ever seen a candy jar with everyone sticking their hands in
– touching all the candy?
Load the display area of this candy machine
and watch the smiles begin
with every turn of the knob
as they get their / your own, untouched piece of joy.
The solid wood body with it's clear protective finish will make an instant hit on
anyone’s desk or counter
while making every precious piece count.
Here at
Matchless Products

it is Our Mission to raise funding for a
self supporting food processing center
that will help supply hungry children,
here in the United States with readily
accessible Kid Friendly, nutritious meals.

To help us get there, we offer unique
hand crafted products for sale. Sales
Profits will ultimately help fund a retort
packaging facility geared toward the
nutritional needs and tastes of children.


"your purchases could make a difference
to a hungry child"
make gift giving mean more.  Show love
and appreciation for the receiver of your
generosity and help our nations children at
the same time.
Browse our offerings and see if someone
you know couldn't enjoy what you find and
help us reach our goal at the same time.
Please contact us anytime! We look forward
to hearing from you.

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we want to hear from you