Fire Piston, Fire Starter, Matchless Products Fire Piston
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Fire Piston, Fire Starter, Matchless Products Fire Piston
First Fire Guarantee
Matchless Products is committed to delivering a quality product with every order NO
EXCEPTIONS. Even though we have a generous 30 day return policy we make every
effort we can to make sure your purchase is the best we can make it. To this end this is
what we guarantee….
First Fire Guarantee
After finale assembly is complete, and before any of our fire pistons are offered for sale,
each and every one is hand fired and tested. This one time test is a Matchless Product
fire piston’s only chance at survival and placement to a good home. If any of our fire
pistons fail to fire on that first attempt they are not offered for sale. That fire piston does
not leave the shop, no second chances. I know it may sound harsh but that little bugger
is dismantled and destroyed. Matchless Products does not sell any seconds, it’s just not
worth it. Only the best fire pistons we have go out our door. So as you might guess a
great deal of care goes into every fire piston we make, or a lot of work goes into the trash
with that fire starter. And that is our
First Fire Guarantee