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Mission Statement

Matchless Products is raising funds for a food processing division
using retort packaging technology.

"we are now all in
and all forward"

Our current mission is to raise funding to establish

a retort food packaging facility that will help

provide wholesome tasty meals for hungry kids

across America.

By purchasing our products you’ll help us add color to the dream.   

By purchasing our products for yourself or as a gift,

you’ll be helping us bring a hungry child in America one step closer to a meal.

Once established it is our intention to operate
a self supporting packaging / retail facility
that will not only generate jobs
but also have as a prevalent component of its business plan
the commitment to distribute a significant portion of it's revenues
to hungry children in the united states
in the form of kid friendly and nutritious meals.

"Wherever we can find a hungry child in America
we want to bring a meal"